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Engr. Dr. Oluwafemi Ayodeji Olugboji


Academic and Research of the Head of Department

Engr. Dr. Oluwafemi Ayodeji Olugboji is an Associate Professor and currently the Head of Department, in the department of Mechanical Engineering, School of Engineering and Engineering Technology, Federal University of Technology Minna, Niger State, Nigeria. His prime area of research interest is in pipeline system engineering. He is a highly motivated, energetic, result-oriented, and personable individual with requisite industrial and research experiences in the oil and gas industry and vast experience in onshore and offshore shallow and deep water. His professional experience also cut across engineering, procurement, construction management of pipelines, pipeline risers, flowlines and Flowline risers. He is also proficient in mechanical vibrations, mechanical control systems, and damage detection in pipelines, experimental design and statistical analysis of experimental data. He seeks for a challenging career opportunity and look forward to contributing his skills and knowledge towards the development and success of any organization.



To be a CENTRE OF EXCELLENCE for teaching and training high calibre, practically oriented, self-employing enterprising graduates for public and private industries and organizations, and for research and development works of international standard in order to be self-reliant.


To produce undergraduate and postgraduate mechanical engineers with high level practical skills/expertise with sound information and communication technology background through excellence in teaching, learning, research and outreach programmes, capable of generating employment opportunities and self-reliance as catalysts for the transformation of Nigeria into a modern nation.



To train engineers who will be able to translate into reality the ideas and ideals of the community in a manner which will be of benefit to mankind. There will be opportunity to participate in the development of technology and reward for achieving something tangible and useful. Qualities such as inventiveness, imagination and initiative must be displayed by those who aspire to succeed in the field of mechanical engineering. The engineering graduate should not only be able to design, manufacture and run the machines and equipment but also be innovative in their designs, processes, etc. to reflect the needs of the society.

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