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Telecommunication engineering department is 7 years old. In 2009, it was carved out of Electrical and Computer Engineering department where it existed as an option. Telecommunication engineering department was created with the sole aim of placing emphasis on communications engineering studies. Communication engineering is part of the core drivers of information and communication technology (ICT). The world is now ICT driven, for Nigeria to have a place in the technological future of the world, we need to build the human capacity in every aspects of ICT. To develop solid manpower that will be capable of solving national and global problems in the field of Communications engineering, it is necessary to carve it out of the broader program of Electrical and Computer engineering. This is because the broadness of the parent program does not allow enough emphasis to be laid on Communications courses and relevant laboratory works that will deepen the graduates’ knowledge in this currently very important subject area.

1. To provide a high quality education which prepares students for further studies and research in Communications engineering and for a wide range of career opportunities in industry and commerce.
2. To create an enabling environment where staff engage in active research and are committed to teaching Communications engineering as a coherent and challenging subject.
3. To support teaching and learning with well-equipped laboratory, library and computing facilities.
4. To provide a foundation for the student to develop an appreciation and an understanding of the principles and practice of Communications engineering.
5. To train students to appreciate professional obligations, responsibilities and ethics in relation to the needs of society.
6. To provide students with essential knowledge in electronic and communications engineering including analysis, design, and application of modern technologies.
7. Introducing our students to the values, principles, morals, and visions that will prepare them for lifelong learning together with the ability to deal with a broad spectrum of commercial, legal, and ethical issues.
8. Keeping up with latest advances in this field by the adoption of excellent curricula and programs.


The Department of Communications Engineering at FUT Minna is structured to be a Center of Excellence in Communications engineering education for the benefit of the mankind.

The Department of Communications Engineering will build capacity and develop human capital to the highest level in the field of communications engineering through pragmatic and dynamic training, research, and developmental services of high standards that meet the demands of the society and will stand the test of time and space.

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